John David Geery



We have a wonderful collection of framed and matted photographs by John David Geery.
Our Collection changes season to season. If you are looking for a specific photograph contact us and we would be happy to order it for you.

Vermont photographer John David Geery’s photographic technique captures the great diversity of season and intimacy of the Vermont landscape. Here at the Vermont Gift Barn we are proud to offer a large selection of John’s framed and unframed photographs.



Bomoseen-boats-SRAbout the artist:

I live in Clarendon, Vermont, with my wife of 34 years. We have two awesome daughters. We have a great house in a beautiful spot and two dogs.

By some crazy miracle, I’ve been able to make a living with my photography since about 1981, when my first daughter was born. Of course, there have been years when “making a living” is a matter of definition.

I do have two college degrees, but I got them so long ago, I’m pretty sure they’ve expired. I can’t say I’ve ever used them for gainful employment anyway. I guess it’s true that I first became interested in photography while working on my degree in journalism, so maybe that counts.

My all consuming passion is photography. That and running a business. The really nice thing is that when business is off, I still have photography. In fact, when business is off, I have more time for photography, so there is a bit of a conflict there. Be broke, shoot more; make money, shoot less. It seems backwards.

In the category of other activities, I’m into skiing (in a big way), biking, and kayaking. All these activities are not exclusive of photography, as I rarely do any of them without a camera.