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Chasworth Farm soaps are handcrafted in Vermont. Chasworh strives to create mostly organic products that are gentle and effective, and send a wallop to all your senses. Fun to look at, amazing to smell, pleasurable to use.

  • Farm Soap- Made with egg yolks and honey, topped with lavender buds and calendula petals.
  • Lavender Geranium Cream- A rich and creamy soap made with organic heavy cream and shea butter.
  • Lilac- A classic lilac fragrance in olive oil and cocoa butter.
  • Sea Salt- A blend of fine French sea salt and soap paste for a spa-like therapy soap.
  • Take a Chance- A creamy lather enriched with organic shea butter.
  • Vermont Maple- A delicious blend of cocoa butter and pure maple syrup.
  • Magic Earth-  Earthy patchouli essential oil combines with lavender, clary sage and bergamot.
  • Gypsy Rose- A sassy and free-spirited soap. It has a blend of rose, geranium, patchouli and spice.
  • Almond- Elegant and classic almond sent is subtle and rich.
  • After the Storm-Bright and colorful, citrusy, six layer rainbow soap. It is scented with essential oils and colored with natural mineral pigments and micas. Each layer is a different scent.