Wood Fired Pottery

The Vermont Wood Fired Pottery Gallery

The Vermont Wood Fired Pottery Gallery offers pottery hand made in Fletcher, Vermont.

These gallery quality pieces are hand made on a potters wheel of stoneware, and are painstakingly wood fired to 2419 degrees, a process in which wood is used as fuel to fire our pottery kiln. The kiln at Highland Pottery, which was specifically designed for this purpose, is labor intensive and requires constant attention throughout the entire period of the firing, which may last several days. Like others in Vermont, Highland Pottery has chosen traditional ways of working, creating each piece one at a time and with great care and attention. We hope you get the same sense of gusto from our pottery as we do in making it.

Each piece offered in our gallery is on of a kind, and will vary in size, shape, color, texture and decoration. Thanks for viewing our work.

Highland Potterty “SECONDS” are now available at The Vermont Gift Barn retail store and at the Highland Pottery Studio in Fletcher, Vermont. The wood fired “SECONDS” are pieces with small glaze defects and cracks. These defects do not affect the function of the piece. The cracks will not get larger and all pieces are food, microwave, and dishwasher safe. If putting in the oven, it is recommended that the piece be pre heated with the oven. Each “SECOND” will be marked with an “S” to separate it from a first quality piece and is about 1/2 the price.

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Wood Fired Pottery Works:
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